With a strategic brain and creative heart, Kailin Witte has a wide range of experiences and specialties in digital marketing and advertising. At her roots, she's a creative leader, conceptual thinker, and skilled copywriter. She has a flair for developing insightful campaigns, simplifying complex ideas, crafting engaging content and optimizing for search.

Working as a content director and SEO writer, she enjoys digging deep into search behavior, developing content strategies based on data and insights, as well as creating the best content for brand websites, ecommerce retailers and more.

Kailin is currently the Performance Content director within the Discoverability group at VMLY&R. She manages a large team of strategic content developers, technical writers and commerce content experts. Her most meaningful work comes with leading and investing in the professional development of her teammates through management, mentoring and coaching.

Kailin Witte Content Writing Professional

Kailin Witte (pronounced "witty")