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Kailin Witte Content Writing Professional

Kailin Witte (pronounced "witty")

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With a strategic brain and creative heart, Kailin Witte has a wide range of experiences and specialties as a digital leader. While she enjoys being a coach, manager, mentor and collaborative teammate, she also happily works as a seasoned:

  • Creative director

  • Content strategist

  • Copywriter

  • Organic search optimizer

  • E-commerce lead

  • UX writer

  • Content designer

As a performance content group director and SEO expert at a global agency, she managed a large team of strategic content developers, technical writers and e-commerce content experts. Under her leadership, the content team grew and increased its revenue by 32% in its first year and another 28% the following year.

Kailin also established and managed the content design practice at a leading outdoor retailer. Utilizing testing, data and human-centered insights, Kailin oversaw content experiences across all digital product teams and worked to increase content expertise across the company.

Today, she's a senior content strategist for sellers at a well-known, global e-commerce marketplace focused on handmade and vintage. 

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